Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reduce Temporary Internet File Space

The temporary internet files
clutter your hard drive with
copies of each page visited.
These can build up over time
and take up disk space. Even
more bothersome is that instead
of getting new pages each time
IE often takes the page out the
temp internet files. This can be a
problem if you are viewing a
website that is updated all the
time. If you are on a slow
connection such as a 56K or
lower then this can be good but
if you are on a fast broadband
connection, like me, then you
can get away with decreasing
the size of your temp internet
files to just one meg without any
performance decrease.

Lets Go

Launch Internet Explorer.
Select the Tools from the menu
Then select Internet Options...
from the drop down menu.
Once the internet options has
loaded click on the general tab.
Under the temporary internet
files section click the settings
A settings window will load.
Slide the slider all the way to the
left so the size indicated in the
text box on the right is one.
Click OK
Click Ok

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