Friday, September 10, 2010

Trick to Trace Unknown Mobile Numbers and Email

Many Times Missed Calls or SMS from Unknown Numbers, Make us Excited to Know Who may it be..or some Fwd Mails frm any E-mail id, do the same..

So, Ever Thought About Any thing that can Disclose, who they are ??

Here'z The Trick..!!!

For Unknown Email Id's :

NOTE : You Must have an Orkut Account to use this trick.

Step 1 : Go To your Orkut Home

Step 2: Search For Invite Friends Option (Look In Pic Below)

Step 3: Enter That Unknown Email Id, You Want to Trace & Click Add.

Step 4: If That E-mail is Registered in Orkut, It wud Appear as Follows

Step 5: Click On the Encircled Email Id, Now You can See The Profile of That Unknown Email Id.

>The Email Id, You searching for, must be registered in Orkut.
>You have to Just Guess the Unknown Person, seeing the Profile and Mutual Friends.

For Mobile Number:

I can't tell you "who" but can help by telling "where" the Missed call or Sms is from.Rest you can guess, Who??

Step 1: Keep That Unknown Number Ready With You Now.

Step 2: Click Here and Enter That Number.

Step 3: You Will Know The Service Provider and Area Information.


>You can Know Only The Mobile Service Provider Company Name and State

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