Wednesday, September 22, 2010

***Kaspersky*** Pure 1000% Working Fully Licensed

Kaspersky PURE v9.0.0.192 + Image New ABLPatch (till year 2016)

About Kaspersky PURE v9.0.0.192

Kaspersky PURE ensures protection of your computer against all types of information threats in real time, secures your personal data from loss and unauthorized use, protects children and teenagers from threats related to computer and Internet usage, and manages the security of all computers within your home network from any single computer.

Kaspersky PURE far exceeds regular PC protection. It renders your PC highly immune to cyber threats of any kind. You can trust Kaspersky PURE to protect the integrity and privacy of all your digital assets.

PURE Features:
Kaspersky PURE is the revolutionary new way to ensure that your PC remains in tip-top condition. Its unique features and functionality have been specially developed to be straightforward for the home user to install and use, while providing exceptional protection:

> Kaspersky PURE has ALL of KIS 2010’s tried and trusted functionality, > plus a host of interesting new features.
> Full antimalware and anti-spam protection, including cutting-edge
> Sandbox technology for guaranteed safety.
> My Control Center allows centralized management of tasks, reports and updates, etc, from any networked PC.
> My Password Manager can create, encrypt and store logins, auto-complete forms and has an inbuilt virtual keyboard.
> Advanced Parental Control and monitoring of user’s Internet access, PC and application use and communications.
> File Shredder uses multi-pass technology to make deleted data unrestorable, even with sophisticated software.
> Data Backup & Restore assures your data’s integrity. Set schedules, restore points and select backup media.
> Data Encryption maximizes security. Create, store and transfer data in password-protected, encrypted containers.

1. Download K-PURE v9.0.0.192 trial by clicking on the link below:
DOWNLOAD-K-PURE v9.0.0.192 Trial.exe
2. Download K-PURE New Anti-Black List Patch (Only Patch)
DOWNLOAD-K-PURE New Anti-Black List Patch.RAR
3.Apply the Patch after installing the trial version.
4. Password: Seven7i

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  1. the patch is not there.....where the hell is it

  2. @ Anonymous
    This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.
    for new Kaspersky Antivirus Updates.