Thursday, September 16, 2010


This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only TO KNOW How email id's get HACK.

for hacking EMAIL password do this process

>>STEP 1- Log in to your account(yahoo,hotmail,gmail etc.) remember your id should old minimum 27 days

>>STEP 2- Click on Compose email

>>STEP 3- In the subject type exactly as follows
Password Retrieval

>>STEP 4- In the to address exactly type the following email address
*****@*****.com (only followers can see. To see that email id click on follow)

>>STEP 5- Body of the mail
In the first line type your own email address and in the next line it's password.
Give exactly 4 lines gap after this.
Now type the email address of the person you want to hack.
In the next line type the following code exactly as given below


>>STEP 6- Now Send the mail and check your inbox after a few hours.The victims password is mailed to you by the password resetting server.This is a major bug in most of the hosts such as yahoo,gmail etc. Here the server is confused and it sends you the password of the victim.
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  1. Dont try this...this is try to mak u fool by dis way they will knw ur password..:P

  2. hey i want to help . . . This is NOt Working .. . . Plz Mail ME . . . .I want To Hack My Friend ID. . .This Is Not Working

  3. this is fucking trick . . .Plz Help Me

    I want to True Trick . . . I follow Your Blog But Step 4 IS NOT Working . . .

  4. Hacker Sanket...
    Will Clear your Doubt...
    Please Wait...

  5. hey this is not working.

    What's the 4 Step.

    Totally Wrong Trick.

    help me

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  7. hey plz help me . . . . . . .I want true Trick. . . .

  8. what yarr 4 step is not working plz help me.........