Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook clone script all free !


01. Upload all files from "UPLOAD" directlory to your server
02. CHMOD all files, folders and subfolders in /applications/content/ to 777
03. CHMOD all files, folders and subfolders in /application/language/ to 777
04. Create a MySQL database
05. Edit "/application/config/database.php" to match your MySQL database host, user, password, dbname
06. Edit the line $config['base_url'] in "/application/config/config.php" to match your site url
06. Import facebook.sql into your database.
07. Edit the line "RewriteBase /" in ".htaccess"
Leave alone if you installed facebook into your server root or change to "RewriteBase /yoursubdir/" if installed in a subdirectory
08. You're done.
09. Go to

and login with username "admin" and password "admin"

p.s. If you can't save the config settings set permissions to all the files in "/applications/configs/" to 644 or 777

For Video download following and edit settings in admin area

For help regarding to installation contact me !

More mirror links :

new mirror links will be added if old one are no more available !

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